strictly no rules!!!!!!!!!!

I am  Nagarajan pursuing Computer Science Engineering GCE,Tirunelveli.My family called me as Raasu and my friends called me as Nari. But I didn't like this names. So I was searching new name. In this way I build my name as GAMEFIA. You may be ask "What do you mean by GAMEFIA". GAMEFIA is just like a MAFIA.MAFIA is terrorist group to leads the world by weapon .But I  have a wish to leads the world by my knowledge.Usually I have a mindset that update my knowledge in a specific area. That area should area attractive one as well asit should be scopeful one . And also I have interest in ANDROID field to develop my knowledge. So I choose ANDROID field and developing android applications .My first ANDROID application is GPA CALCULATION is based on Android GingerBread Platform.

GCE Tirunelveli